It is quite frigid outside!! It is supposed to warm up later in the week, when I am supposed to be traveling, but it is sure nice to be home right now. I am planning on going to church with my husband later. <p> I have considered taking pictures last week at Church with my husband as it is truly a different experience. They decorate the church beautifully with leaves, fruits, vegetables etc as they celebrate Thanksgiving. They have a big meal then all together, which means several main dishes, mashed potatoes, and all kind of salads and desserts and tea of course. My favorite is this carrot garlic spicy salad. It is julienned carrots with minced garlic, oil and some spices. I love it with the mashed potatoes, which they make so good by adding tons of butter and whipping them with a special mixture on the end of a drill! <p> After the meal, they take the children upstairs to choose vegetables and fruit and my children  were so excited to get carrots, canteloupe, pears and a tomato!!!<p> We have been blessed with alot of fruit and vegetables this year, which is really nice. When we got the snow, T. asked "Can we eat the peaches now?" I told him he had to wait until it snowed! <p> A friend and I have this informal book club we started, well, it is sort of a leftover dinner/book club. We share leftovers and discuss a book. So far we have talked about Anna Kareina, Little Women, This Present Darkness and Piercing the Darkness, To Kill a mockingbird, among others!!! This week it is The Big Fisherman by Lloyd Douglas and next week we want to read Quo Vadis… this weekend we decided to watch the movie first, so maybe we can enjoy the book better. We have a knack for picking books over 600 pages long!!  We got halfway through the movie last night before our children were too sleepy! It has been fun to have a friend to do things with!
She is buying a new house too and moving the end of this month, so that will add to our fun!

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