Did I think this would be fun? Well, it is in its own way. it is a ton of work though, I am surprised how much work and stress it is.

We got about half of the shopping done, most of the non-perishables bought and the rest will have to be done on Mon. On Mon. we will go to the wholesale store, Costco and other grocery stores to get the meat, bread, etc. the perishable stuff and then drive about 45 min to the camp. We cannot get in before 2, so at 2 we will be there hopefully. We will have to unload, organize and cook dinner to have it ready by 5. Do you think we can do it?

I sure hope so! I am just praying I do not get sick! All the shopping, lack of sleep I have had lately and stress from planning has not made my immune system the best.

I may be able to write again before I leave, but if not….I will see you on Thursday!

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