I was able to get some good deals on produce today! i spent a little under $25, but I bought 79 lbs. of apples which hopefully I will be able to not only eat with my apple loving family, but can some pie filling. We really like apple crisp so I think we will make a big pan tomorrow! <p> I also got for that $25, 3 heads of cabbage, a large bag of beets, 4 cucumbers, 4 zucchinis, 12 red and yellow large peppers, 3 buttercup squash and I don’t remember what else, but the fridge is full of vegetables again and I am excited about eating them up! I made caramel apple dip tonight from Tammy’s recipes
It was good and a nice treat for dessert! It asked for sweetened condensed milk which I was given a whoel lot of it when my husband came home from his family’s, so I am always looking for creative ways to use it. <p>  It was a exceptionally nice day yesterday, it was so warm! We spent almost all day at the park, we took a walk and the boys played on the playground, we ate lunch. I met a friend there and my sister and we visited. It was so nice! It felt really good to be outside, I have not been outside for awhile like that. Fresh air does wonders! <p> I am reading a book to the boys slowly, (Yay! It is so hard for me to read aloud). It is about a young girl who thinks it will be so neat to be a missionary and goes on a mission trip to the jungle and finds out it is alot of work and not usually fun, and the natives do not all get saved right off.  They got attacked by a large croc in the beginning and the boys loved that part……
I am on chapter 5 or 6, so I am doing good! I love to read and read all the time, but hate, absolutely hate reading aloud for long periods of time and am trying to conquer myself.

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  1. rellamom

    Did you get my comment? 🙂


  2. Anonymous

    Maggie here.

    That is incredible! How did you get that many apples for $25???? The lowest I've seen here is .99/pound!

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