The Star Spangled Workbook<p>
By Joel F. King<p>
Reviewed by Martha Artyomenko<p>

This unique set of geography books consists of 2 books, The Star Spangled State book and The Star Spangled workbook. The program is laid out so it is to be done 4 times weekly, over the course of 36 weeks. During the first semester, students will learn about each state and complete a number of activities. They will also have quizzes and tests to complete as well. At the end of the first semester, they will be able to identify all the states, locate them on a map, and recall basic state facts.  <p>
During the second semester, they expand on what they have already learned and learn state capitals, which states border which etc. <p>
This fun book is a wonderful geography-teaching book. It is laid out in a great workbook form, which is well laid out and easy to use.  There is no need for a teacher’s manual as the answers you need are included in the book as well a lesson plan. It would be an excellent guide for anyone 3rd-5th grade, who needs to learn about the United States.<p>
 It has fun games and quizzes that go along with the book. At the bottom of each page in the state book, there are geo-quizzes. This is made up of 4 parts, the first one shows a drawing of the shape of the state and says a clue like “I am not Wyoming”. The next square is titled “Capitals” and says a clue for example “My capital is Phoenix”.  Each square has a different clue with the page number where the answer is found.  There are other random quizzes, like one on page 31 of the state book, which is one of which state each President was born in. <p>
I found this book appealing, both to the eye and in it’s easy to use format. I love geography, so I found the facts interesting, they do not give you a ton of work to do each day, but still, plenty of review. It is a unique set of geography books, making geography  fun without them realizing it! <p>

The workbook is a large paperback, 300 pages; complete with answers in the back, retail price is $34.95. The star spangled state book is 69 pages Retail price is $19.95. They are both available for purchase from


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  1. gmisch

    I was just looking at this source the other day. It looks like a lot of fun! Maybe I can budget it in for next year.

    Grace in Alaska

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