The lighting is very bad in here….so the pictures do not come out terribly well….plus, there is alot of wires…, not terribly pretty.
Then here is the reading couch and also, a guest bed for company.

I also use the back of the door for organizing all the little things.
Here are some of my bookshelves….you can see in the top picture, they continue for the whole wall on the one side pretty much and then a small one on the other side. In some places the books are double shelved…I have alot of books. There are more than 5 bookshelves upstairs too and another in the family room.
So, there is always more work and organizing, my fabric is really bad, just piled in crates or boxes and I am not allowing myself to buy anymore, until I either use some of it or get rid of some of it. I did organize the closet so it is a more useful place now. It feels much better!

I forgot to write out the menu for this week, but we got a good deal on ground beef, and I had chicken to use up. I did can 6 quarts of chicken broth with bits of chicken in it for soup, gravy etc. It is very condensed, but came from some chickens my husband butchered this summer, so it is free range chicken broth…..= )
Tonight a friend called and said they overbought some milk and wondered if I could use some, so I gratefully accepted and was very blessed by it! Milk adds up so fast! We are waiting for the potato harvest to come in and then we will get potatoes stored away in our cellar part of the basement, what used to be an old elevator, but stores potatoes nicely…as well as spiders, so F. just gets things for me in there. As long as they stay in there, and not elsewhere, I am happy!

We had Shepherd’s pie for dinner tonight with corn and broccoli as i had no green beans. The boys enjoyed it, except for L. who only wanted mashed potatoes with no meat, vegetables or gravy. That he did enjoy though. It is true comfort food though! There is just something about it that sort of warms the cockles of your heart.

My niece who has been in the hospital now for almost a week, is facing some uncertainties. So, I have been in prayer for that.
Also, L. started special tutoring classes today, two hours a day, although everything was not quite as it will be, hopefully tomorrow, but hopefully we will get him reading and up to the level where he should be. He is so bright! I was impressed when they tested him and they showed me how well he did on his I.Q. tests, and they could tell he had been taught. He has a little Ukrainian boy in his reading group too, about the same age and same reading level, so that is nice. I am praying that everything goes smoothly and L. adjusts to this change well.

Monday’s are always a little rough, and today was no exception, but i will persevere and know the rest of the week will get better. So, goodnight all…I am hoping that the pounding in my head will go away, tomorrow, I will have more patience, more time than I know what to do with and overflowing love for all faults of my children….okay…I will settle for just patience…but that is plenty to ask for!

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  1. Amber

    I love your book shelves! :) It make a place seem so homey and warm! Yahoo for L. and praying for you niece!

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