I was thinking this morning about this, sometimes people do things that are totally wrong and we have a “right” to be unkind to them back. Yes, we are christians, we know that, but God doesn't want us to get all stepped on, does He?

We know that our friend was uncaring when she planned her wedding on a certain date, but we also know deep down it will forever change our friendship if I do not go to the wedding. we have a “right” to not go. We have a “right” to not be caring because she was not caring. But is this right? I think sometimes the question we should be asking ourselves is is the thing God would want me to do? How is this going to show her God's love, in spite of her uncaring attitude?”

Do we think the best of others? or are we inclined to think the worst?

Do we think of how we can show Christ's love to others or do we think of how convenient or inconvenient it is for us?

There is a balance to this of course, but I know so many people that really for their own sakes do not sacrifice for others, because “Well, they were wrong anyway!”

I just read the book “In His Steps” by Charles Sheldon recently. It has always been one of my favorite books. I was thinking though, the term “What would Jesus do?” has been popularized, but not really in the real sense. In the book when people did that it meant disaster, humanly speaking for their careers, their businesses, their lives, but in the heavenly kingdom they realized life held alot more meaning for them.

Here was a wealthy congregation and not one of them when the poor man spoke to them about needing work could offer him anything?

Yet, I think we do that often… we think of how inconvenient it is to leave home to visit that lonely friend that lives across town. We would rather stay home, we would rather make “holy excuses”. “I need to spend time with my children, husband etc.” when in reality most of us are not doing that either. We assume others will do it for us, but in the first place we need to see God has called us.

This does not mean we need to leave our family…No! this simply means we need to involve them in writing a letter for the lonely grandma no one visits at the nursing home, teaching themt o behave so you can go visiting with them.

but most of all, I think we need to give up our rights as Jesus did. He did not deserve to die, in fact those people did very uncaring things and did not appreciate his sacrifice. Some people still reject it. But, in spite of all that He did was right, in spite of all the wrongs and the selfishness shown by us humans. Can we not do the same to others?

What are some ways you can show love to others that are not loving and caring?

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  1. gmisch

    Wonderful post, Martha. Said very well.

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