I am not updating as often as I should! I have been really busy these last couple weeks.  It has been a whirlwind!
MOPS started this month, that was fun, alot of work, but fun.  It is my own major thing I have been doing outside the home, but now bible study is starting next week, and the boys have swimming lessons to finish up for the next few weeks, a literature class and piano lessons, my weeks are full of stuff.  Last weekend though I took time to take out of our busy week and actually attended a women’s conference. I am not one who usually attends conferences and was nervous about it, but  I was really thankful I went. <p> I ended up getting to know  a lady from MOPS alot better, and  learning alot. There were some deep workshops on things of the heart, lots of sharing about missions. It was neat because it was so encouraging that  we do not have to be busy, busy, busy and leave our homes all the time to be involved, in fact that was discouraged. Tricia Goyer  went over re-evaluating our priorities  and cutting things out of our life. She had a great list of the top five things that are important…..basically spending time with God and in the word, spending time teaching our children about the word of God and spending time with them, and spending time with other people…friends and in volunteer work with our children…in a nutshell. <p>
Robin Jones Gunn was there, speaking which was incredible! She has been a author I really enjoyed for a long time and to hear her speak was so neat. She had incredible depth and yet, such a  sense of humor! I found out that most of her fictional series of Sisterchick books are based on real experiences! <p>
Then the other speaker was Anne de Graaf from the Netherlands. She spoke about some really hard experiences  she had faced, while listening to children’s stories around the world in  Iraq, Africa, and in Bosnia and other places.  She spoke about forgiveness and letting the enemies in your heart go, even when they have not changed. <p> There was lots of good food, some of which I was honored to help make, and   some games and fun times too. Plus I got to meet authors in person!!! <p> I was glad I took the time to stop and slow down and do that, even though it was alot to do. I am  back to work. I ended up doing alot today already. I taught school, then made soup for lunch and caramel apple dip, my cousin came over for lunch, but has some trouble with her car so we had a late lunch which was nice anyhow….we visited, then the boys and F. cleaned out the garage somewhat, a little boy came over to play for a couple hours and I made a batch of salsa and some fresh spaghetti sauce and meatballs for pasta for dinner. We will have pizza tomorrow instead of today as the tomatoes needed to be used now.
<p> I am tired now and I have a stack of things to read and things to post.  I hope to get to it sometime tonight, but now a boy is calling me from the bathroom, so off I go!

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