We had a really nice day today.  We did a couple hours of school and then  a friend was moving from church so we went to have tea together and say goodbye sort of to her.  I also had been asked by another friend for on the same day to meet for lunch and tea at another place a couple hours later. So, I went to the first place and just ordered tea. It is this fancy, cute tea place, but it kind of costs alot for food and tea.  They have an amazing Roobois  Caramel tea though, I really like alot. I ended up drinking two pots of tea sitting there! ,p> After that, I went over to the other place, where I figured I would eat lunch. I had another pot of tea there with my lunch….a decaf Earl gray this time, which was yummy as well and a yummy Southwest chicken salad and bread pudding with lemon sauce. I was so full of tea and yummy food,  I walked fast home!  <p> When I got home, a friend stopped by to visit for a short visit and we had some more tea!! <p> It was a day of tea!!! <p> It was really nice though to get out, take the walk and not worry too much about everything for once. <p>  My friend was telling me about this recipe for a Dutch baby oven pancake that you make with caramelized apples on the bottom of it! It sounded so good, I am going to have to try it! We had fun discussing books and she borrowed a couple. It is nice to have the books that I get for reviews and get to lend them to my friends and recommend them!

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