Happy New Year!!! It is the new year and I am finally on my blog! That is a celebration in itself!

I have been going over a bunch of things and thinking about how blessed I am. Yesterday when I woke up I was discouraged. There were several things going on with people I know that made me feel just bad inside and sad. I went to church and they sang a song that brought up all these memories suddenly and I could help but crying! It was awful! I hate crying in public. I tried to hide behind my bible etc. and I think no one noticed, except that I didn’t really feel like talking much. Later though, I realized that I need to concentrate instead on my blessings instead of all the things that bad people do in their daily life. I realized that I have 4 beautiful boys, I have a nice place to live even though it may not be the house I always wanted, I may not be a missionary in another land, but I have opprotunities to minister to people who are suffering here in my life every day. There is my grandma, ladies from MOPS, friends and family I come into contact with and many other people. I do not know if I do much of anything for any of them, but you know, being upset about the things I cannot stop, but think of the things I can affect. I think what bothers me is when I feel like I do not do enough, I do stuff and then I wonder if i just irritate the life out of people!

So, I guess I decided to be a happy irritant! = ) Is there such a thing? it is going to be tough, but I need to be more joyful, and spend more time seeking God rather than dwelling on the ugly things in the past.

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  1. Lilyofthevalley4


    Sorry Martha you have been having a hard time. (((Hugs)))

    Just leave those that you are very concerned for in the Lord's hands and just keep lifting them up before the Lord in prayer.

    I need to be more joyful too. 🙂

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