It seems like last year and this year I have gotten a little vacation. This year I got to attend a doula training over the weekend in Missoula. It was really scary to me to go away and leave everyone, even though I knew they were all in capable hands. I had to drive for one thing all the way down there, alone. I HATE driving! I do not know what there is about it, but it is hard for me.

Anyhow, it was really nice! I had alot of fun learning all about supporting women in labor, role-playing, giving and getting massages, reading info and just visiting with the ladies. I got to go out to eat, something I never do and I hope my stomach will recover soon!

I did find that shopping alone is not as much fun. I walked through the mall and was shocked at some of the prices, thankfully almost nothing fit me so it wasn't like I felt like “I had to have it”. I did really like some of the stuff in Christopher and Banks. They have some nice skirts, shirts, and sweaters. It is really nice classy, earth tone stuff right now. I really like some of the plum colored stuff. They have great clearance prices too.

Anyhow, I realized by the end of the class when my sisters all have children, my cousins and my mom, then add a few aunts in there, I will have every single scenario of birth there possibly is to know! If I wanted I could even go to grandmothers!

Anyhow, I am on my way to becoming a certified doula! I think I may already have 2 of the 3 births lined up that I need to finish, but I am not so confidant as they say those are the hardest to get.

Anyhow, I did buy a sweater at Sears for only $5.99. It is a really nice navy cardigan!

So, that is where I have been the past while. Hopefully, refreshed and back home I can get back to blog writing!

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  1. joeandkrys

    I have missed you blogging! It sounds like you had a great weekend and it is so exciting that you will soon be a certified Doula. Even though we have never met I can tell you have a gentle spirit and will be an awesome Doula.Take Care and God Bless you and your precious family! ~Krystal

  2. Lilyofthevalley4

    Sounds like you had a good time, minus the driving part. Sounds it would have been very interesting too!

  3. Aprilelah

    Hi Martha,

    I’ve heard a lot about doulas, but I’m kind of confused about what a doula actually does. Do they do just any sort of comfort for the pregnant mom or recent mom? I’d love to know! I don’t have any children myself, but I hope to! Also, I love your blog. Thanks for the soup ideas. I made a turnip soup kind of like your Russian soup last week. My husband loved it!

    Thanks so much!


  4. gmisch

    I am happy that you got to have a little break. Maybe you got to sleep in a little? That is great news that you are working on becoming a doula! Maybe you can fly up here and help me if I get pregnant again! That’d be a nice excuse to get you up here to see me!

    I updated my blog today. Sorry I haven’t been available to chat. I miss you too!

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