Wed: Picnic- Homemade wheat rolls, turkey ham, watermelon and cookies
Thursday: Borcht, rolls
Friday:  Broccoli cheese soup, crackers
Saturday:  Chicken in crockpot, noodles, gravy  and salad
Sunday: Chicken noodle soup, bread
Monday: Mashed potatoes, carrot salad (I am going to try… is a Russian carrot salad that I really like with minced garlic, a bit of hot pepper and jullienned carrots. It is so good!) and chicken gravy
Tuesday: Black beans and rice and salad  <p> I let myself try something new when I was visiting a friend’s house a couple weeks ago. They  pick ferns when they are little and clean them, boil them somehow and put some garlic peppery mixture on it when they serve it. They do this and dry it for the rest of the year and I have seen it and was not sure what it was as it looks like seaweed with tendrils that hang down! A little creepy! Well, I really liked it! It tasted like a peppery mushroom! <p> I seem like it is easier to get less food on the same amount of money now. It is hard as  it makes it so you have to plan so much, but hey, I am used to it, just not quite all the work it takes to keep up with hungry boys who want to eat three meals and 2 snacks.
I think I may make some stuffed eggs for a snack this week, or maybe for our picnic. I love them, but they give me a stomach ache, but sometimes it is worth it!  Potato salad might be good too……now I have to get to work, I guess! If I decide not to go to the work of it, then i already have enough easy stuff planned, they should be okay!

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