But we are still in the midst of sickness. I was watching Hans laying on the couch and moaning and groaning. I started to thinkt hat if he throws up it will be all over our new couch so I moved him to his bed. Sure enough, a few minutes later he informed me he had thrown up all over!

i was ont he phone and my friend thought I was slightly nuts for sounding happy!

I said “I am just happy it is not all over our couch!”

You can always find something to be thankful for!

I sure have been cleaning up my share of bodily fluids lately, from both ends…..

It has not been terribly fun, but at least I am feeling better! I can handle anything if I have the strength. I feel asleep on the couch this afternoon though with Lee and we both took a nap. That was really refreshing.

Anyhow, maybe sometime this week I will get to posting the pictures.

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