My life has been anything, but quiet the past day and night have been
 exciting to say the least!!!<p>

 Where do I start? I am really tired so I guess if this sounds funny, blame
 it on that!<p>

 Yesterday morning we woke up and drove to a nearby town for me to observe a
 childbirth education class as well as meet a potential doula client. The
 lady that has been planning on being her doula/assistant will probably be
 gone. So, that went well, I spent all day at the birth center with pregnant
 or moms who had just had babies and talking about that kind of stuff all
 day. It was nice!<p>
 We had dinner and my husband gathered up a few things that were still at mom’s in
 our little storage area, which surprisingly, I did not see any spiders, just
 some weird beetle thingys. There was a stroller I thought I had gotten rid
 of and I had wondered why I did, but hey, guess what? I didn’t get rid of
 it! Then it was a bunch of  my husband’s stuff like his air boat, tools, fishing
 poles etc.<p>

 While I am there a midwife that works near me calls and asks my mom if she would
 mind being her assistant on a birth. She said it is a 4th time mom, but had longer labors,
 Mom is very tired as she delivered a baby the
 night before and did class, prenatals all day, so she asks if the lady wants
 me to come. I am in a hurry now as I agree, so we eat and head home.<p>

 As we leave town, we are driving into a very dark cloud and it is very warm
 still and the wind starts turning cold. I see lightening etc and then rain
 starts coming and the wind and the thought occurs to me that perhaps we
 could have a tornado because of the cold and heat! Especially while the wind
 almost blows us off the road and we stop in the middle of the road.
 After a short while it subsides and we continue only to stop by trees laying
 across the road!  It was interesting as there is line of cars, and the people from MT are exclaiming about how they forgot their chainsaws at home, in fact one  sturdy woman says "I even forgot my boots!!" with sort of a mountain accent!  A semi – truck with a chain works to pull, push and prod the tree off the road, somehow at one point snapping it in half. We are able to go after 30 -45 minutes or so and go forward carefully. <p>
 We make it home and as I get to
 cell service there is all sorts of missed calls! There is tornado warnings
 in our area and watch out they say. We drive carefully home as pretty
 much the entire town is in a blackout. Every store black, no stop lights,
 lots of cars, it was a little weird feeling! We had no electricity until
 about 2-3 am. It was nice sort of because it reminded me of how much I
 liked that, and yet I still have toilets and running water! I was thinking how much I missed this and maybe I should shut off the electricity, I would miss my washing machine, dishwasher and fridge though now that I am dependent on them! <p>

 The woman in labor  was in a  area that for some reason did not lose power. that did not lose their power and
 was fine. I went over there at about 4 am and she had her baby at 5:17 in
 the water with pretty much one or 2 pushes.

 This morning driving around town looking around was a little interesting. I
 got a car wash and there was a large piece of tin blocking the way out. It
 was hard getting out! There were trees down, there is one on our landlords
 house which showed me how much God protected us! It was a large healthy tree
 and was torn up by the roots and leaning on their house! We have trees
 all around us and there were branches that could have landed on the roof as well.  Down the street there was a large metal building that was picked up and thrown over a fence into a parking lot! <p> So, now my car is in the repair shop,  I got alot done before  8 am, including my exercise!

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  1. drewsfamilytx

    Wowzers! I'm glad you're safe!

    hehehee… about forgetting the chainsaws and boots. That totally cracks me up! Yes *we* have chainsaws and boots but one exit south of us is a "master planned community" (where we used to live), they'd think we're hillbillies or something. ;-)

    Isn't it amazing to see God's power to where even the wind and waves obey Him? Awesome.

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