i went to this little exchange group tonight. It  is nice! It is a odd mixture of people, but everyone comes and have a short meeting to discuss what is going on and then we eat together and tonight people brought things they could trade. one lady had beautiful crocheted hats, whole wheat pita bread and homemade spray deodorant, lip balm etc. Another lady had a bunch of Christian music CD’s she wanted to trade for certain items for the troops.  I brought my loaf of whole wheat pumpkin bread, beef barley soup and fruit salad with apples and mandarin oranges in it with yogurt for the meal and so they could taste some of my baking. I ended up trading a lady  the 1/4 hour I got for coming to the meeting for  three aprons she had.  I am probably going to get some hats crocheted too, I will see, as she has reasonable prices and I have HOURS to spend.
<p> It is a community project that has been really good as  it  is a great way to use our resources instead of money as much. Times have been rough on alot of people,  and bartering is an old fashioned way of paying people.  One person asked me I would sew him some simple linen bags and I said sure….he baked me two loaves of this really dense wonderful bread. (I am going to get the next one in a week or so).
<p> It takes more time than just paying out your money, but when you do not have money, sometimes you are willing to work for something. Check around in your area if there is a local barter group! It is worth it!

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  1. pbrfans1

    I would love to be a part of that, but I don't think I have any thing to trade. I barely have time to make food for church potlucks so I'm not sure what I could do for trade.

  2. Anonymous

    Wow, I've never even heard of such a thing! That must have been fun! You always have such interesting ideas and things you're involved in!
    You asked where we moved…we moved within the same town of summerland. Its just about 5 minutes closer to the actual town center in a different neighborhood. So far we like it a lot. Except we're finding it's stinking cold in this place…always!

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