(My Four year old riding a two wheel bike…..which was fun, but he has a huge blood blister on one hand from gripping the handlebars. He is the one in the way back)

Where it seems like nothing has gone right? It sort of feels like that for the last couple weeks. I am scared of summer actually, because of how hard this last couple months have been for me.
<p> Today I have all this cleaning I want to get done and so far, the vacuuming is not even done in the basement, and I think I burned up the belt because I  vacuumed a crayon by accident and it stopped the beater bar Oh fun!!
<p> You want to hear something else weird, I would love to buy a certain mop and I have been sitting and thinking about it and then i think how nice it would be to have certain cleaners, but I think I will just stick with what I have! I did break down and buy  a big thing of new washcloths! <p> I am babysitting this weekend, my little brothers, but I think I am going to make a list of stuff that has to get done this weekend, each day and then we will go and do something fun when it is done.  My aunt and uncle are coming for a visit next week and I am leaving for a couple weeks and I do not want to come back to a big mess!
So far, I am working on vacuuming and laundry. Bathrooms are next and de-cluttering the laundry room!
Well, on to the next task and praying that things go smoother so the house looks a tad bit better!

Here is my menu for the week
Wednesday:  Bean and cheese burritos and homemade salsa
Thursday: Chicken, bread, salad
Friday:  Soup, bread- Chicken, potato, vegetable soup, I think…..
Saturday: Crockpot Enchiladas, spanish rice, salad
Sunday:  Taco Salad
Monday: Pizza, Salad (I want to try this chicken and colored pepper pizza, but we will see)
Tuesday: Pasta, sauce, vegetables
Baking to do:
Cookies or bars

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