Sometimes it just seems like everything goes wrong, doesn’t it?

It is really hot and dry here, it is not really normal for here to be like this, but it seems like each summer it is is getting a little worse. It is only July and already our governor has declared a state of emergency for the fire season. Usually if that happens, it is August. Rain would be welcome, but often lightening comes with it and that just means more fires everywhere! I am trying to think of what to do before the smoke reasches us as my youngest had trouble breathing last year, but is so far doing great! I just don’t want it to get bad!

Anyhow, last week, I found some ants in my bathroom and bedroom, thankfully I got rid of them fairly quickly, but discovered them coming in a day or 2 later in a different spot in the living room. Thankfully they are not in the kitchen as that sort of grosses me out, I have a hard time with bugs in the kitchen. I put out the poison last night which they were gleefully eating all night, so maybe they will be gone soon. It is so dry outside, which is the only thing I can think of as it seems like there are ants everywhere outside! Everything is like a giant anthill! My three oldest have all been stung this last 2 weeks, not by bothering a bee, but by being attacked by one.

Then last night I found a little wormy bug in my laundry room, I got freaked out as I had wheat and oatmeal over there, and I hate those things as we had some horrible experiences with them, so scrubbed the area with Dawn dishsoap to kill any eggs and bugs, got them into buckets after examining them carefully, but thankfully found none. I froze the oats overnight and may leave it in there 2 nights to make sure and the wheat is in a bucket. It probably means it is time to clean out the cupboards again…..

So, on top of just feeling overly tired and having to wash the kitchen floor pretty much every day to make it look decent this summer with bare feet and dust, everything feels sticky and gross!

On more pleasant topics, I got to go to lunch with my sister and cousin which was nice. It cheered me up alot, and helped to keep going with the rest of the day.

Dentist appt. today for my oldest son, taking care of grandma, 3 showers down today, and 2 more to go, plus meals to plan and somehow I am hoping it will cool down before I have to start baking a whole bunch of cookies etc. for guests we are having. I got a bunch of rhubarb so tonight when it starts to cool down, I will probably be baking. Tomorrow, I have to go to my mom’s as there is a possible doula client I need to meet as well as attend a birth class as a requirement I still need. It will just be for the day as on Thursday, our van is getting a repair on that morning.

Do you think I have enough going on? How on earth do I stop when it seems like life does not let you?

Well, back to cleaning and vacuuming, showering etc. At least I can say that I am not bored……

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  1. joeandkrys

    I too have been so discouraged lately, Ive been grouchy and short with the kiddos and I havent been getting anything done I set my mind to. I get so overwhelmed and do not handle stress well. Ive been working on a schedule for summer ( kind of late) but the more I try the less we do. Sometimes everything seems out of control. Well I guess this comment didnt cheer you up, sorry :0( Is it any comfort knowing your not the only one? Take care, Martha!
    God Bless~Krystal

  2. Lilyofthevalley4

    You are not alone, Martha!!

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