I am working on getting back to having a written plan for my meals as basketball life is about to start again! Which means…..crockpot meals, staying on top of making snacks to go with us, and high protein ones at that.

I am finding that I plan on making a little extra dinner each night, for the after dinner snack. More of the boys are needing a snack at about 8 pm. before bed….and they can polish off whatever we had for dinner! Last night we had burritos, so I added extra beans to the ground beef/taco filling and they had quesadillas before bed. I started buying tortillas again, and not just corn ones, as I got the packages of flour ones for $1 each. It is not my favorite thing to do, but I run out of time to do everything.

I grated a bunch of zucchini and froze it, so quick breads, here we come! Eggs have gone up in price lately, so baking has been to a minimum. I turned to my old turkey ham standby last week to add cubed turkey ham to breakfast scrambles, and sandwiches for protein filler. $1.99 a pound, it is one of the cheapest sandwich meats!

Wednesday: Pasta alfredo, Salad, Cucumbers
Thursday: Cauliflower cheese soup, pumpkin muffins, tomato and cucumber salad (I have lots of tomatoes)
Friday: Breadstick and pizza casserole, salad
Saturday: Possibly camping……
Sunday: Sandwiches, popcorn, brownies
Monday: Wild rice soup, grilled ham and cheese sandwiches, sliced tomatoes
Tuesday: Baked potatoes with toppings like ham, cheese, sour cream, broccoli etc. Big salad…

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  1. JoAnn

    What a yummy menu. My daughter has allergies to raw eggs, so I have found a substitute when baking. It’s one tablespoon vinegar, one tablespoon water and one teaspoon baking powder. Some recipes we’ve had to work with to use that substitute, but most of the time we use that for one egg and things bake up just fine. There are some other things you can mix together for egg substitutes in baking, just search for a list on the internet. Hope that helps you bake a bit more. :)

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