Wednesday: Beef tacos with steak strips and peppers, salsa, avocado (Snacks for New Years night: Homemade caramel corn and finger jello)
Thursday: Mashed potatoes with meat gravy, Apple dumplings, and homemade applesauce (i have to take care of the last of the apples in the basement.  Hopefully I really get to it!)
Friday: Crockpot soup,  homemade bread
Saturday: Stuffed Shells  or Lasagna, salad
Sunday:  Shepherds pie, Green salad or Cheesecake dessert, not sure yet
Monday:  Baked potatoes, salad
Tuesday: Clean out the fridge day- leftovers and stuff I can make what is in the fridge!
We are still using up mashed potatoes that F. made while i was up at moms!  He made enough for an army! i made homemade perogies or some version of them that were really, really good, I wish I wanted to make the rest of the potatoes into it. But now I have apples to take care of! My to do list is as long as my arm, or so it feels like!
<p> So, how is this new year treating you?  It has been beautiful here, with lots of snow  coming down. We have had non-stop snow pretty much for the past few days, which has been wonderful, but lots of shoveling.  <p>
Last night we went to our pastor’s house for a New Year’s celebration and actually made it until midnight. We had lots of good snacks, homemade salsa, chips, cookies, homemade caramel, caramel popcorn, finger jello, tea, apple cider, cake and other stuff. It was alot of fun!
<p> I am hoping my sister comes over today before she goes back to school far, far away, so I had better get to work!  i have been busy trying to get some people who blog for TEACH magazine set up as well as work on some ad selling. Plus, I have been doing short days of school with the boys with Time4Learning. It has been interesting to keep up! <p>
Hope you are all having a wonderful January First!

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