Do you want to read a short book that can bring you to tears without even trying, while at the same time be very convicting? They are not really sad tears, but for me it was more tears of amazement. <p>
Small Town, Big Miracle is written by Bishop W.C. Martin, he was a pastor of a small church in a very small town of Possum Trot, Texas. I think it said that the town was only three hundred people. It is not really on the maps they said. Anyhow, the pastor’s wife felt like she was supposed to become a foster mom and adopt. Even her husband thought she was a little off….she had grown up in a poor family  with 18 children in a small shack with dirt floors, and yet she goes on to share how wonderful her family was, her mom and childhood. Her sister, who was a single mom, began taking the foster parent classes with her and they both became foster parents. They did not start out with the easy ones, no. They took the children that were really tough, which some very sad things that happened to them, but had really messed up their lives. They fought to get these children and then they fought to teach them the right way. There was stealing, screaming, and many other difficult things to deal with. The parents ended up with health problems from the stress, but because these two families stepped out to be foster parents and adopt, more families in the church began to want to as well.
<p>One couple was grandparents and decided to adopt triplets!! Come to find out the triplets had a little sister too and they took her too! They had very foul mouths even the 18 month old and it was a challenge. They had so many challenges and behavior issues and the mom ended up in the hospital, but God through a miracle allowed her to live. <p> This book is filled with story after story  of these families who God worked in their lives and in the end 72 children were placed in this town. <p> It was a tear jerker, but in a good way!

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