I had a wonderfully relaxing birthday on Friday, but as the evening went on it started to snow and I realized it was time for snow tires as I had a long drive on Sat. morning. I went and rushed over with the tires piled in the car to get them all changed over and then spent the evening with my sisters, enjoying pie and  lots of fun. My boys and F. gave me some wonderful presents and made the day special as well as my sisters and cousin.
<p> When I woke up early the next morning and was ready to go out the door, I realized that I had a flat tire. It was too flat to be driven even down the street to  blow it up. After a very frustrating time, trying to find missing shoes (which were not found) and figuring out what  to do, someone came over, pumped the tire and I headed to the shop to figure out why. I guess, they made a mistake the night before so it was fixed and I was on my way after a stop for lunch stuff at the grocery store. <p> It was a beautiful drive up, but my windshield wiper fluid was giving me trouble and still is….so that has to be fixed. We had a huge project to do though. We need to rent out  the apartment in my parents house and it was packed full of stuff. We decided to clear out a room that was just full of a bunch of junk and make it a pantry/indoor storeroom. We cleaned, threw away tons of junk, moved, hauled, swept, pushed, pulled, and washed stuff. There is still alot of stuff to be done, but the basement looks great and and the apartment is getting there.  There was a truck load and most of a trailer load of garbage though and still I am amazed at the amount of stuff…….alot of it though had not been touched in five years or more. We found some of my many lemon poppy seed letters/recipes there. We packed away and threw away ancient canned goods that were canned by my mother in law very unsafely and we did not know if we should try to save the jars even! <p> I spent the night and drove back today, and am tired out! We cleaned alot of stuff though and maybe it will be able to be rented, hopefully to medical students or someone nice who wants a great studio apt. with a full sized kitchen and washer and dryer hookups!
<p> So, I am ready for an evening of relaxing….oh, but wait…. I have to bake muffins yet!!! Good night anyhow!! Maybe I will make one of the lemon poppy seed muffins!

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