I think I may be finished with the peaches!! I got 4 boxes for about $5 a box,  but they were not quite ripe, so had to let them ripen a bit to be able to peel them.  I lost a couple to mold, but not many. It was fun, but very sticky job! I have not counted how many I have in the end, but somewhere about 56 quarts, I think!
<p>  I have canned alot more fruit this year than other years and spent almost nothing on it! It has been amazing! I am wondering what I am storing up for? Are you going to have a hard winter? <p>
Now we have cherries, cherry pie filling, applesauce, tons of jam -peach, cherry, plum some still, raspberry, raspberry pie filling, peaches, pears, dilly beans, pickles, apple butter, pear butter and I have not gotten apples yet. It has been alot of work, but I am so thankful!!!<p> I have been busy with school, but also got to help an old friend with some stuff which was fun! We have a wedding to go to this evening and I have not bought the present yet! I had better get busy!!

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  1. Tina

    The peaches look wonderful! I made jelly with some peaches from Grand Junction a few years ago. I had to keep the jars hidden from the family. They disappeared quickly!


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