I am so tired….not sure exactly why, until I realize that I have been moving from the moment I wake up until I go to bed for the past week or more..plus we started school and it is just alot of work. Homeschooling and teaching four different levels is just tons of work…..I am praying that i do not miss something.
Every day, I sit down and think…”I must be missing something. They did not read aloud enough today, did he do all his worksheets, should i have made him finish that?” If it was an easy day, I blame myself that I was not not hard enough on them, if it was a hard day, I blame myself that I am not a good enough teacher.

I am having assessments done for one of my sons. He is really struggling with learning to read and trying to figure out why. Hopefully, I can get some special reading classes, but any distractions, any kind of other movement, even with only five of us in the room, makes him lose focus and today he took forever to do his work, while my next student up, sped through his….and was ready for more work. The next one wanted me to explain the same math problem again, that I explained the last three days and otherwise he sits there blankly, staring at the sheet. He did end up finally getting it, I think. The last assessment was today, so next week we will find out the verdict.

The first grade is fun to teach…..it is alot of fun!
But as I said, I am so tired. I fell asleep in the library today. I thought, in my sleepy derangement “Who will notice? Do you really think anyone will mind if I just close my eyes for a minute?”
So to all of you, who live in the area, and saw me snoozing in the children’s area of the library….forgive me and pray I get more energized.

I ventured out to Walmart,my hated store, especially since they moved it clear across town and made it a gigantic Super-Walmart. I think it is like the 4th time I have been there, and I would not have gone, but the vacuum needed bags and they are the only ones who sell them. After misplacing the children, I rushed by an acquaintance with barely a nod….and after finding them, found her again and apologized. Thankfully, she has three children too….and hopefully understood. Did i mention, I really dislike that store?

Grocery shopping tomorrow…..I am considering making it a school project. I have to do some prep work on that tonight, but we will see what I can do about that. I planned meals in my head this past week. It worked good. Tonight, the hardest night of the week as produce is generally at an all time low….was not too bad as we have had the garden. Whole wheat spaghetti noodles with sauce and meat. Mine was fresh tomatoes from the garden on top with fresh basil, a bit of the sauce to make it stick, a sprinkle of mozzarella cheese and some Balsamic vinegar on top. It was yummy! I am loving the fresh tomatoes.
I am really sad it is getting cold already as I want them longer!!!

So, now I have moved the children’s bedtime up….hoping that helps all of us to get to bed earlier and be more rested and patient in the morning. Here is hoping…..

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  1. Amber

    Oh Martha! You must have been tired! What stuff are you using for school? For each subject?

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