Yesterday after a pretty much sleepless night,  I spent Sunday morning in the nursery, which is okay as it is only every three months, but it feels like I skipped church. So, I came home and since I was short on time made chicken quesadillas instead of chicken noodle soup. We ate that and then went off to church with F. It was nice, the boys did fairly well in church and it was only 2 hours this time, so it seemed short. There was a nice cross breeze in there which kept it nice and cool, but I found some small entertainment with one lady being hot (I think she was expecting and having a discussion with a man who had shut some windows because they were worried about the drafty wind…..) We only had to go out once to get T. to sit still so that was good and it was nice to have some prayer time. <p> Afterwards  we were invited to a couple’s house we have been wanting to get together with for awhile, so even though I had something I was thinking about going to at 6 (and it was 4 pm.) we went. It was alot of fun except I am not sure I was good for conversation as I was so tired! She made a wonderful dinner with sausage and hot dogs wrapped with bacon, steak, chicken nuggets, a lovely cabbage salad which is finely shredded cabbage, dill, and thin sliced cucumbers with salt, a  different cold soup than I have ever had, but it was good, mashed potatoes, fresh bread, and then she had desserts and tea. It actually got a little chilly out there, but then they started a fire to help with mosquitoes and that helped warm us up too! <p> I stopped by the place I was going to go and said goodbye and it worked out well. It was fun and I hope we can do it again sometime. I am trying to work up my nerve to invite people over and come up with all kinds of excuses not to, the main one being "Does anyone want to come over?" Second one being "My table is small’ and it goes on from there. "My house is not clean enough", "What would we talk about?" "What if they do not like my food?" ……I said, excuses!

<p> Speaking of messy houses, I need to go get busy on my chores and get boys busy too! I took a nice walk this morning, it was very peaceful!!

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