(Not my jar of pickles, but it is awfully dull with no pictures!  I need you all to pray I find my charger for my camera!)

Looking for a super easy and wonderful dill pickle recipe? This one is so easy and simple, it almost should not be so good! I have been making these pickles for about three years now and every year we love them! I  found I like the little pickles, so I pick the tiny ones and stuff the jars with them! I only make as many as I know we will eat in a year and last year it was about a dozen jars or so….I have made 5 jars I think this year so far, so I will have to see if I can get more!

Lazy Housewife Pickles.

4T salt

4C water

2C white vinegar

Bring to a boil.

1 clove garlic per qt jar

1 sprig fresh dill per qt jar OR 1 tsp dill seed per jar

Put cukes, garlic and dill in jar, pour boiling brine over the top, seal. Do not process. Let cure for a month.

If you double the brine, it will do about 5 qts.

I got the recipe from a friend, Tracy Dole! I turn mine upside down and leave them upside down.

If you have a jar or two that doesn’t seal (check after a week). I will boiling water bath them, for about 5-10 minutes.


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  1. pbrfans1

    Do you grow your own cucumbers? Or is there somewhere you get them for cheap? Can I do it with normal sized cucumbers and just slice them?

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