One of my nieces holding her cousin and little sister. She is almost as big as her cousin and he is 6 months older! 

It was an eventful week! I feel like I am recovering from my school year, the hectic pace of running everywhere and hoping to figure out a way to slow things down a bit. 

I got another new nephew earlier in the week, where I am able to be a doula at the birth! 

ImageIsn’t he adorable? 

Then this weekend, I was in charge of our annual homeschool book sale and that was, as always a lot of work, but also a lot of fun! I love selling books and helping people with them. You get to do a lot of organizing and work hard, but it is nice! 

My aunt is struggling for her life right now which cast sort of a pallor over the week, and I am hoping and praying for a miracle for her. But, I know also that she is in Someone’s hands bigger than mine. My uncles are coming this week and I think one of her daughters to possibly say goodbye, which just tears my heart out. I have not wanted to go here for awhile.


I was thinking about how life begins with the birth of a baby and how quickly life goes by and ends, sometimes before we are ready to go. It gave me the sobering reminder to treasure each moment that I have, savor the family moments, cuddle the babies, and don’t spend so much time running around like crazy. 

I am not the most accomplished person in the world, I spend most of my time working for other people, but I have found that if I am poor, but am rich with memories, that is worth it. 

My aunt is one of the most beautiful people that I have known. I am going to miss her dreadfully if she leaves us. 


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  1. Martha, I wanted to express my appreciation for all you do for moms and the homeschooling community. In this entry, you mentioned not being the most accomplished person, but I have often admired and thanked God for your accomplishments as a mom and as a fellow-homeschooler. You are a blessing! I continue to pray for you concerning the loss of your aunt.

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