I know, I have said this before, but I think it is going to have to happen.  Today  I was sort of having a hard day and trying to still get school done, laundry, house picked up, dinner made, etc. It  did not all get accomplished, but it ended up okay! <p> P. is going to this english class and really enjoying it. Today it was close by, which was really nice, but  I guess 2 days it will be sort of far out, so we will see if we can afford to keep that up, but the good news is that she thinks she can teach him out of 5th grade English Grammar, so that makes me feel better. His spelling is really bad though!!! <p> L. was going to school at a friends house and this other class. The teacher told me today that she feels like he had quickly advanced above the other students and  he is doing enough otherwise and other encouraging things.  So, we are cutting out that, that is helpful.  I am still trying to figure out some decisions about T. so we will see. Tomorrow is another teaching day at preschool/kindergarten, but I am afraid I am not challenging T. enough there and I have got to snap myself out of this and get busy working harder with him on reading and all at home. So, the rest of this week on my list is to finish the project I started like a month ago and get organized enough so I can find everything.  I have to figure out a way to watch our math DVD now as I think our TV is broken.
<p> It was a beautiful fall day here today and I did not get out to enjoy it much. I need to buy a warm coat and try to get out and stay active as I feel better if I can walk and I can’t do alot of hard exercise. <p> We all got to go out to dinner tonight and that was nice. My half sister came to visit and  it was really good to see her. It was nice to just relax and sit for a bit, I have not had alot of that lately. <p> F. is fixing some things in our closet, he got some ideas to make it more efficient and so he was having fun with having a little project today.  He loves using his  table saw and all….<p> We are taking care of my sister’s dog while she is gone and the boys love it, but I am not sure what the dog thinks of it. He  has gotten covered in blankets a couple times as my son thought he was cold!!
<p> Well, I am trying to plan this lesson and I have barely begun, so I had better get going!!! I wish sometimes I could take a couple days off of life, but I have found that it usually means when you get back you have twice as much to catch up on.

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