I don’t know, I forgot! I feel so tired!

We went to look at 4 more houses today. One of them is for sure a possibility. I need to get some opinions, but I am thinking we may put an offer on that one. I took some more pictures, so I can get more people’s opinions, but F. loves it and I really like it! The kitchen is not exactly like I would like, but it is not bad at all and the rest of the house is amazing. I will tell you more about it when I have the pictures loaded! I am tired right now!

We are painting here. The hallway is primed and the boy’s room, F. is prepping for primer tonight. It will look alot nicer. It would look even nicer if we wanted to take off the strips on the wall. We may do that in the living room, but we have to get it painted fast, and that might take too long. It is looking good though!

Yeah, nothing much else going on here. We are not getting as much school done lately. We are trying to at least get math and reading done, the two important things. I have been working on the going through things, packing some things, putting away, sorting etc and not alot of time to sit in one spot! I still have grocery shopping to finish….”groan”.

Thanks for the comment on my shelves! I love my shelves! I have a husband who makes the nicest shelves! When we lived in MN we lived in a tiny cabin, but he made some of the most amazing things in there. We had a table that was on hinges on the wall, I had sliding little doors in my tiny bathroom under the stairs. They were so nice! Then I had a cookbook shelf and skinny spice racks in the kitchen. Yes, he is talented! He made us little lamp shelves too, that we hung in the rooms for our kerosene lamps so they gave off the most light too. He loves to make things strong and would say “This could hold a battery!!”.
He does not build so much anymore, but I think if he has a place to spread his tools out a bit, he may again!

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  1. Mom

    Buying houses is a great part of education. How many children grow up knowing all their math out of the books, but they can't make a budget and they don't know what interest rates are, or what a title company does. Teach them what contingency means. How you need to inspect the floor joices, and the wiring. Find out what the pipes are made of. Just use this as a big lesson in how the real world works. Buying a house can be a great school lesson.

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