Thank you for all who have entered the contest! Tell your friends to come and enter! I will draw the name on Friday 11/16/07<p>
I was thinking about the brevity of life today when I had gotten a email on a e-group I am on, about a mother if 7 children (including a 2 week  old baby) who passed away yesterday.  Life can end so suddenly!   I have had a difficult week  in some ways, but news like this makes you stop, take a step back, and think about life and how we are living. There are so many things we do in our daily life that happen and can irritate us, but if I stop and think about how important they would be if I passed away or the person I was frustrated with did, it helps me to respond correctly. <p> The boys are anxious for winter and snow to come! They have been praying for snow and I found out that one of them slept with snow pants on over his pajamas the other night! They have been wanting to wear them every chance they can so they are ready "when the blizzard comes"(their words!). It is funny because it is pretty early yet for snow, as we do not usually get our first big snow until Thanksgiving, so they may have a couple weeks to wait!  We are hoping for more snow than last year hopefully! The weather feels right for it, so that is hopeful.<p>
Saturday the boys with F. went to rake leaves for the community as a church ministry. It was great for them! They really enjoyed it! I was also invited to a tea which was encouraging. There were alot of older women there with good words to share and lots of good food. It made the weekend really busy, but it was good. This week we have a church Thanksgiving dinner also, which is nice, but I am looking forward to sitting at home with nothing to do….do you think that will happen? <p> P. just got a little secret kit from Borders  that has a fake mustache and sunglasses, with all kinds of neat stuff he is having fun with. He does some babysitting at MOPS and  earns a couple dollars a month doing that! He looks a little funny with the fake fur thing on his lip!

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  1. Anonymous

    Hi Martha,
    Locally they wanted $35-40 plus tax per item. I found them online at for $25ish and if you order over $60 you get free shipping. I think it will last for a while, i use it very sparingly and in the month that I've had it I've used roughly a 1/4 of the products so i estimate they'll last about 4 months…with the exception of the lotion because I use it twice a day. Might be a good Christmas list item!:)
    Sounds like we have very similar skin, dry and prone to breakout. Fun.

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