that is too busy doing good things that I don’t have time for people.

I find that it seems like lately, there are so many things in my life that

I wonder if I am going to be that person. I was thinking today, I wish there was a godly man that would do a bible study with my oldest son. I starting to go through the list of men that I could think of and I realized that  the list was very short of people I would even consider maybe having time, and then out of that list, there was a couple I wouldn’t want to ask.

There is a lack of men and women in this day and age who have time for others. I never have wanted to be that person. I guess that is why I keep busy as  I stay busy with many good things.  I am a SAHM, but my resume would be full of volunteer activities. I  try to always have at least one cause I am volunteering on to help. It keeps my life varied and gives me  some outlet, and it actually gives me a chance to feel like maybe I am helping someone.

I find though that I shrink back from actually asking someone to do something like study the bible with my son, as I am afraid of the reply I would get. A brush off?  I don’t think it would be because they don’t want to do it, it is just all the good things in our life add up and eventually we have to say no.

I just was looking at my own busy life and realizing that we need to even evaluate  the good things and make sure that the thing we say “no” to is not the thing we should have said “yes” to.  Are the good things that we are doing the things that are more fun?  Should  we have instead been visiting with a friend, instead of running to lego club?

I think that a balance is hard, but essential in our lives, but make sure the balance we have chosen is the right one.

I think for me, I am going to be sitting down and evaluating what things are vital to our family and others. Then also have a plan for survival during basketball season, and figure out how to enjoy this.

I think  that sometimes it would be easier if we were in the middle of a disaster

as it would be easier to cut back!

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  1. Kasey

    So true. We allow ourselves to get so busy and as a result we tend toward self-centeredness. I am guilty of this myself, but I also find that I feel as you do…hesitant to ask anybody to get involved.

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