probably because I am sitting her thinking about all kinds of things that you are not supposed to think about late at night? <p> I mean who sits up and thinks about these kind of things?  Like, wondering what it will be like in 20 years when I am almost 51?? If I will have gray hair and be all crochety…..<p> I won’t be sitting here thinking it was nice to have a quiet evening with the children at church, I may be wondering what they are all doing???<p> Well, that got sad suddenly! <p> Anyhow, happy things!! I was thinking I need to check on my 52 things to do this year. I think I still have until April to complete it, but I am lagging behind, although I did try to smile at people all day today!  I think I kind of forgot this morning though……
<p> We had a fun morning though. We went on a art field trip with the children and went to this place where you paint pottery. It is expensive, so we made magnets and  other small things… was fun and then we went out to lunch in a really, really noisy place, where we were not causing the majority of the noise.  I had three really hungry boys and I forget how expensive it is to take out three hungry boys…….yeah. Well, it was still fun.
<p> I am really anxious for snow, but I have to get my snow tires on this week, cause it is Dec. and I have to drive northwest this week and clean out my mom’s basement and apartment upstairs. We are planning on trying to rent out the place, but we all a little bit terrified of the giant spiders that live in the basement.  There is a bunch of junk down there and alot of good stuff no one can get  to or even use the basement at all because  of the fear of spiders.  So, we are going to convert one of the bedrooms  that for some reason no matter what we do has lots of spiders in it…..into a giant pantry/ organized storage room and that way maybe actually someone can be using the basement for something useful.  I would love to tear down a couple walls and do what we wanted to do when we first built it…….but as my sister and I built the wall, maybe it has sentimental value?? Not really, so much…so who knows…
<p> Well, time for bed….and enough silly chatter!

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  1. hsbaby

    Don't feel bad….I do my craziest thinking late at night;)

  2. Anonymous

    Hey, Martha, it's OK to be silly. It's fund to laugh, especially when we can laugh at ourselves.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and posting at Sips 'n Cups Cafe and Reading Room.


  3. Anonymous

    Hello there,
    not sure if you remember me but I will give it a try anyways. This is Dena ( Detwiler ) Payne. I have two little girls, kateyln ( 6 ) and Ivy ( almost 2 ) . I don't know if you have heard of facebook but I am on there alot and I have a email address that you could send a note too. Susan Miller told me about this web site, hope you don't mind. would love hear from you! my e-mail address is

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