I remember my mom trying to make homemade refried beans and we just didn’t like them very well/ Then one day we got a packet of recipes that had a recipe for refried beans in them using a pressure cooker and we tried them! We loved them!

I avoid canned ones except for convenience at times, because they are really good!

I know also some people are afraid of pressure cookers, but really they are simple to use as long as you follow the rules! One of my friends didn’t check all the valves, holes before ESPECIALLY after cooking beans as they tend to foam and it was blocked so it blew the safety valve out of the lid and she had beans on the ceiling. They are made with some good safety features that make them much safer than some of the old ones. So, check all valves and hole to make sure they are tight or clear as needed!

Homemade Refried Beans (or technically Un-fried beans)

1 lb dry pinto beans

2.5 quarts water

2-3 cloves garlic (important as this really effect the flavor of the beans)

In 6 qt. pressure cooker place beans (Check your beans and rinse for rocks and other debris), water, and garlic.

Place lid on and bring up to pressure.

(This is when your weight begins to jiggle)

Turn heat down to a medium heat so weight continues to jiggle, but not wildly and set timer for 1 hour.

After one hour, turn off burner and allow cooker to cool. If you are in a hurry, you may place in sink and run cold water over it until safety valves go down and it is safe to open, but I do not reccomend this unless you are experienced with pressure cookers)

DO NOT remove weight until cooker safety valve goes down.

When cooker is cool, drain off liquid, reserving it and using electric mixer, beat the beans until mashed well with almost no lumps. Add liquid to the consistancy you like. (They will thicken up as they stand so make them a little thinner than you like unless you are eating right away.)

Add salt to taste (It can be quite a bit sometimes, if they taste bland to you, it may just be they need more salt) and sometimes I like to add a bit of cumin.

Serve with enchiladas as side dish, on bean burritos, in tacos, enchiladas, or however you like! <p. I like to make these and freeze little serving size "plops" on a cookie sheet. I then take them off and place in a freezer bag for fast lunches.

This is a really cheap way to make beans and even people who do not eat many beans will eat refried beans usually.

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