Did you know that? I thought that is sort of  neat fact, that is absolutely
meaningless!  But we made homemade ice cream this afternoon and there is a long story behind it!<p>

 I always wanted an ice cream maker. I mean, when I was a teenager , I wanted one of those wooden
gallon ones, I used to pore over the Lehmans catalog and dream of owning
one. I do not like ice cream very much is what is funny,  but I wanted one!
One day at a garage sale I got a ice cream maker that the  motor was
missing. I dreamed of how I could make it work with a  hand crank handle. (I
know I am weird). I never could afford it or make myself spend the money for
something I was not sure if it would work. <p>Fast forward a few years and here
I am at an auction and there is a wonderful electric ice cream maker in the
box for sale at this estate auction. I think I  paid $2.50 for it.  I was so
excited! The only problem was now, I sold my cow, and did not have a way to
make ice very easy so it was too expensive to make it.  So, there it sat for
over 5 years.  I finally had one and today, in July, National Ice cream
month, I got to try it!  Someone gave me 2 bags of ice so I was so excited
for the opportunity as one would not  fit in my freezer!  I used evaporated
milk, eggs, sugar and milk to make it and pickling salt for the ice and it
worked great!!! <p> It is a Dolly Madison, which I guess she made one of the
first ice cream makers.   It works good and now I  want to use it more, but
like all dreams, this one may sit on the shelf for awhile again, before  I
dust it off!

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  1. drewsfamilytx

    Homemade ice cream is the BEST! My fav growing up had Peach NeHi soda in it. Mmmm…

    hehehee… For a minute there, I thought you were going to say you sold your cow for a handful of magic beans… 🙂


  2. Anonymous

    I dream about an ice cream freezer also. I would have one but Matt hates that the canisters are aluminum…. I have all the milk I could possible need and one bag of ice is only $2. I really need to get a freezer. I am think of buying one of those electric Cusinart ones… Yumm. ~Diana

  3. joeandkrys

    It was good to see you stop by my blog, thanks! I used to love making homemade icecream growing up, we had the kind you turn by hand. We would use whatever fruit was in season and thats what flavor we would make. It always tasted amazing :0) Take care and God Bless You, Fred and those adorable little men you are raising!

  4. Lilyofthevalley4

    Homemade ice cream is delicious! I'd love to own an ice cream maker sometime. Enjoy yours!!

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