We are back home! We ended up being gone a little longer than expected, but I was praying for that! <p> When we were on our way up to mom and dad’s,  the roads were not great so I prayed that the  doula client I had would go into labor while i was there. God worked it out perfectly and  it turned out well!  It was a good birth, one of the best hospital births I have ever seen.  Since this is the second really nice hospital birth I have seen at that hospital, I have decided I think it is the doctor and hospital, so if  I know someone had to have a hospital birth, I would recommend that one! <p> My sister came home from school really sick and infected most of my family. I have 2 sick boys and  hopefully the rest of us are fighting it, I am praying! I do not feel totally up to par, but that could be lack of sleep as well and the fact that I worked really hard that one day all day with 17 hours on my feet most of the whole time…I  realized how much I like it though. <p>
Anyhow, we got the house semi-clean after getting home, I made a pot of chicken soup and we are resting. I am so happy actually to have a good excuse to not go anywhere!

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  1. loreo

    Thanks for the tips on Russia- never knew that about the spoons. I'll have to remember that one! I enjoyed reading your blog- hope you get some rest.


  2. cappuccinosmom

    Martha, forgive me for not knowing this–are you a certified doula? That is so cool!

  3. pinklady

    so you i see you got home safe you should post some pictures!

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