My Review:

I felt this was a fascinating book. It had some very good info in it, detailing what abuse was. It talked about how sometimes things we don’t even recognize as abuse can be that way, whether we mean them to be or not in our culture today. Lack of child restraints in a car for example, not getting medical care or help for children with learning disabilities, things that even 20-30 years ago was more commonplace, but now realizing that this is not an okay thing and is legally on a neglect scale.

The one key thing that I felt should been concentrated on a bit more, was delving into that even though you have been abused, you do not have to be an abuser. I felt that it instead highlighted some of the greatest fears that childhood abuse victims have of becoming their abuser. It was good to lay it out, but I felt this could have been a bit more key and clearly detailed.

The book was an easier read, despite it topic at hand, but clear and to the point.

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