The Baker’s Wife by Erin Healy- I read this book last night! It was one of those sort of toe curling books. But, it mixed a little fantasy type spiritual stuff in it….which always sort of is hard for me to wrap my mind around, but it was not like a Ted Dekker book, which I don’t like, it was subtle and a little hard to figure out. Audrey is a Baker’s wife. She used to be a pastor’s wife, but Jack Mansfield made sure that she was no longer a pastor’s wife, and if he has his way, she may not be a baker’s wife either. When Jack’s wife vanishes and her scooter, 4 pints of her blood and mysterious notes are all that remain of her….how can Audrey prove she had nothing to do with it? Can her strange way of feeling others pain help her find Julie? This book was not too scary, I mean, I read it and fell asleep! = )

Writer’s on Writing

Cascade by Lisa Bergren
– This second book in the River of time series, was a fast moving, keep you on your toes, historical marvel! I mean who knew you could cram so much history into a young adult book along with time travel and make it interesting, slightly romantic, without many details, a lot of fighting (so boys would even like it) and still be engaging for adults? I felt like I was running with Gabi and her sister, fighting off bad guys, trying to wrack my brain for cures for Bubonic plague…which was really, really gross by the way…so kudos to Lisa Bergren!! Great book! I can’t wait to see how it ends!

Amelia’s Journey- I will post a full review of this later! Great light read….

Along for the Ride by Sarah Dessen-
Auden (I laughed as I thought her name sounded like a name one son called my other son when he couldn’t say his name as a baby) has done everything the way she should in life. Her parents still split up though, her brother is a wild child, and she is going to have a new step sister. At the last minute, she decides to visit her father and step-mother, meet her new half sister. She finds her normally together step mother, Heidi in over her head. The baby screams non-stop and when Auden steps outside her comfort zone to help and develop new relationships, she finds she doesn’t mind much…in fact, she kind of likes it! This had a few elements I did not like in it, but it had some interesting facts as well. It was not really the normal type of book I read.

What happened at Goodbye by Sarah Dessen

A Lasting Impression by Tamera Alexander- This book touched me in a way fiction has not touched me in awhile. Claire has been part of a life of art forgery and she hates it! When her father and “uncle” place her in a dangerous position, she is forced to make a life for herself, one that is honest. When honesty gets her a job as a assistant to a very wealthy woman, she finds that she is learning so much in the position, as well as maybe finding love!
The part of this book when God tells her to paint just like only He will see it, really touched me. I have been struggling with my writing and wondering if I can do this! I know that I have the stories and the heart to write, but scared of the rejection! This really helped me!

Claire Everett Series by Tracy Bateman- “Leave it to Claire”, “Claire Knows Best”, and “I love Claire”…..this is one of my favorite series that I re-read once in awhile! They are so down to earth, funny, and all around good reads! Claire Everett is a single mom, who was abandoned by a man who committed adultery. He has since repented and goes to church with his new wife at the same church as she. Juggling a career as a on and off again writer, teenagers with issues, tornados, and possibly a romance on the horizon, this series will have you laughing with the camaraderie you might have with a good friend! This series is one I love to own!

Growing Great Kids by Kate Battistelli- I posted the first chapter and short review on another post, but this is one of the most encouraging parenting,/devotional books I have read in a long time!

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  1. Jenna

    Ohh…A Lasting Impression sounds really good! And I agree about the Claire series – those are great!

  2. Annie Kate

    Both Lasting Impression and the Claire books sound so appealing! I’m busy trying to keep up with my kids’ reading and have almost no time for other fiction this month. Except the Little House books and others that I’m reading aloud.

    Blessings, and thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Annie Kate

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