Whatever happened to Peace on earth, goodwill toward men?

I wonder this as I am going through my daily chores and feel pressed up to meet certain expectations, the busy people pressing in to get the deals and the sales, when all I want is to get  our normal groceries and not slide off the road.
This time of year is a struggle for me as I try to stay patient with little boys who have better things than to sit still and listen to their mom try to teach them long division, measurement or even just vowel sounds.
I often wonder why so many people plan so many things this time or year and  make it so we cannot just spend time at home with family or friends, which I know, the plays, the programs and all are so nice,   but sometimes it is so hard for me to be going, going, going.


I thought about it as I had a really nice visit with a friend the other day. Sometimes life can get so busy   with these things, we forget to take the time to read a story to our children or have tea with a friend. Someone gives us a call and we are too distracted with other good things to really pay attention.
I am not really a grinch, I am just not a person who enjoys all the busy, busy, busy of this and it has been really getting to me and I hate it that I look forward to  this holiday being over with, because I really do enjoy seeing family and spending time with them and all the other stressers just make it so it is hard to enjoy that.

I have probably  run into more rude people in the last few days that I ever do in a month normally!  It has been terrible!  I know there are great people still around, but still, why do some people have to be really rude?

Anyhow, more pleasant thoughts,  in spite of things being a mess right now, I have so much to be thankful for.  I have a warm house, warm clothes, wonderful children and I have family, when many people do not and we love each other.


We made raviolis today which was fun, although very tiring for some reason for me. We made a few hundred, but I think we still need more. All of our faults tend to come out when ravioli making, the bossy side of me, my other sister who likes things a certain way, my mom who likes to get things done  in short order, but we all love each other and compliment each other…..in spite of our faults.

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  1. Anonymous

    I so agree with you Martha. I don't enjoy the busy part of the "season".
    This year the Lord has blessed our area with almost 2 weeks of snow! I love it. All extras outings have been cancelled, not staying at home was not an option. I did have most of my gift buying done and what I don't have, well I don't have it.
    It has been one of the best Christmas seasons we have ever had. It is currently snowing…again…cupboards are full, family is home and safe…the best Christmas ever!
    Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  2. Anonymous

    The bossy side of me always comes out when I'm cooking! Just ask my sisters… two of them have recently been subjected to helping me make a holiday dinner. I never stop to listen to myself at the time, but looking back I am both amused and mortified at the way I act :)


  3. Anonymous

    Actually Nichola just turned 30 yesterday so I'll have to give her a call and see how she's doing :) I'm sure you won't get fat… it probably would have happened already if it was going to…


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