I will figure out how to make the photo smaller! I guess that didn't work!
I just realized that someone had looked at my blog as I just saw the comments! Thank you for the welcome!

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  1. HomegrownHearts

    In your control panel after you log in, go to View Entries (or it might be there already when you log in). Click on edit next to the post(s) with photos needing to be resized. Click on the photo in the box and it will have white squares at the corners. Grab a corner and drag the photo smaller. You can use the preview button to see if you got it small enough or not. Go back and forth until you get a size that will fit well on the template and then click on the Save Changes button. Voila!

    Also, if you are not getting emails when people comment on your blog, you need to go into the Comment Settings and tell it to notify you by email of new comments. It's the 4th area there on that screen. That should make it a lot easier to know when you have comments. 🙂

    When you run into trouble with your blog, remember you can always come to the help forum for assistance. http://www.homeschoolblogger.com/forum


  2. Anonymous

    Dear Martha,

    Great to see some photos. You are on the right track with the photos. Open them up in photoshop and do a "Save As". Rename the photo and save it as a .jpeg file. Photoshop will ask you for the size of the file once you have clicked "ok". Choose a small file and the photo will get smaller. If it is still to big, you could repeat the process again with the smaller photo. It will shrink again then!

    I've enjoyed looking at your blog!

    Love Michelle

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