It has been a long busy day. I have just been feeling like I have to do something with the boys. I do not know what it is I am doing, but it seems like they are testing everything I say lately. I find myself on the verge of frustration constantly and sometimes over it!
Well, at least you know I am not perfect!
I went to MOPS this morning, which was really nice. I enjoy it when I make myself go places, but I always feel like I am not able to stop lately.
There seems to be a push to “Go, go, go” lately that my body cannot keep up with. I think it is the boys have been inside most of the time since the car incident which was about 3 weeks ago, and they are “feeling their oats” you could say.
Well, I need to get a printer or some heavy board and make some charts for chores and bedtime routines and school.
Well, off to finish Paul's homework. Good night…I hope!

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