Gems of Wisdom – For a treasure filled life

By Angela Breidenbach


Reviewed by Martha Artyomenko


Is your life full of hardships?  Do you sometimes not want to tell your friend about the latest trial that has overtaken you, because you wonder if they are going to stop believing you soon?

This book talks about how God uses gemstones throughout scripture to speak to us and encourage us to pray, worship and celebrate amidst trials. Angela’s personal experience with being a caregiver for her mother, whom was mentally ill, is peppered through out this very different devotional.  The stories of historical pirates through the book also give this book a different twist on a normal inspirational book or devotional.  You can learn how to use these gemstones in your daily life as memory aids to keep you in His peace in difficult situations.

The companion guide in the back of the book helps you to study and apply it to your own life and your own difficult situation.


When I read this book, I was struck by Angela touching on topics that are not usually discussed among polite company, but in such a diplomatic manner. The topic of mental illness and caring for loved ones with the disease is such a taboo topic, that there is not many encouraging things for the caregivers of them.  There are books on how to be healed, but not how to suffer. There are books on how to pray, but not how to be encouraged. This book teaches us how to love, pray and be encouraged on this difficult journey. You will find encouragement, even if you do not know anyone with an illness, but simply are a Christian who is struggling with daily trials.

I hope you find this book as encouraging as I did!



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  1. Hi Martha,
    I had a google alert set on the name of my book. I found your review and wanted to say thank you for such a warm and thoughtful one. I really hope it helps people because like you said, too many times we don’t help each other in the real suffering. May God bless you and your family.

    Thank you so much,
    Angie Breidenbach
    PS What a cool blog!

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