I went out this morning to find that gas prices jumped up 10 cents a gallon overnight! Yikes!  It gets a little scary to me  when it seems like gas prices shoot up and everything else does as well. I have a feeling I am going to get into really good shape this summer as  if we are able to live in town for this reason, I am  going to be riding bikes many places as much as I can to save money in more ways than one! <p> What are some ways you are saving on gas? How much is gas prices where you live?  How does it effect your life have you found? <p> For me, I find it means I can’t see my mom as much, it costs alot just to go for a visit which is really sad.  Also, we have not been eating much cheese  this past while and we also cut down on milk. It is great though as we discovered  we really did not need that much and my husband drinks tea more. I found out last night that  it can be good for you too! <p> I am going to have to get  a few things to outfit our bikes and a good lock with a long cord as well as working on  teaching them how to ride bikes in town. We need a couple more helmets too.  I am hoping to get a bike seat or trailer for my bike, probably a seat as L. loves to ride bike.
<p> On the house subject, we are dickering with them right now on the amount of money they will give us for some  things that need to be repaired. They said they would only give us $500, and we are writing back and asking for $2000  credit to do the work, which hopefully covers it.  It will give us the option of putting more insulation in as well which has to be done before winter so we do not pay outragous costs in heating.  I need some prayer about this!

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  1. momtogirls5

    I just paid 3.33 for the cheap gas at the cheap station. I drive a 8 seater Suburan. We are a large family with towing needs. I like to get my gas at our local (western washington state) Costco but it was not on my trip route.
    That is another way I save gas is by doing all errands on one day and making the most of the trip.
    We don't live in town so there are days I just stay home or do a ride share with friends.
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  2. drewsfamilytx

    It's 3.07 on my side of Houston… and yet I can drive to this one particular spot 30 min away and it is 10 cents cheaper. I don't go there just to get gas, but if I'm planning to be in that area I just wait to fill up when I get there!

  3. pbrfans1

    The gas prices went right back down today. It probably won't stay, but at least for now they went back down.

  4. loefflermom

    It is so hard to watch gas prices rise. I paid $0.89 for gas when I started driving. Those prices of course are long gone. I saw $3.13 at the pump yesterday. We continue to do what we have always done and continue to ask God to bring in the extra money that it takes. Extra money is not in our budget at all, but He has been so faithful to do so. I know that we don't just go somewhere but we plan things out, which we have always done anyway. I know that there are times and ways to cut back but God created use for relationships with both himself and others. I would encourage you to ask God to provide the extra so you can still go see your mom, and see what He does.


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