Gift giving! It seems like at this time of year we all start to think of gift giving! For me one reason is because even though we did not celebrate Christmas growing up with gifts, we had 4 birthdays in a short amount of time. Now with relatives added to the bunch we have even more!

Joann's is having a huge sale this week on all sorts of fabric, patterns, craft supplies and I have been able to get things there to make gifts, fairly cheaply.

I bought over 2 yards of fleece for about $4. I can make scarves out of it, a small blanket if I want. Flannel is on sale for $1.99 and $2.99 a yard. What about one of those old fashioned nighgowns? I got some really nice patterns for nightgowns, also on sale for 5 for $5.

You can also branch out! If you know someone who loves crafts check the foam sets, paints, wooden pieces and make a craft box for them. Also I saw some wooden puzzles at Joann's on sale and the most wonderful candles that were 40% off.

Other ideas:

Art box – my great-grandfather made one for me and it is the present I think I had the most fun with. I remember it the best. He bought cheap paper pads from a print shop (They are really cheap), an ink pad, a rubber stamp with my name on it (I still have it!!) some stickers, paper clips and pens.

Gifts in a jar: there are all sorts of websites on this, but I know my mom made bath salts that were nice last year! Pair it with a candle (Look at special stores like Joann's, Bed bath and Beyond for clearance ones) and you have a spa gift.

An old book from a used bookstore, a mug (under a $1 usually) and box of tea or hot cocoa. I have traded books I got for free for an old book I wanted.

Puzzle and some hot cocoa – Look at second hand stores for brand new puzzles for pennies

A cookbook- check second hand stores, used bookstores, library sales for these. Make a coupon that they can pick a recipe for you to make and come over and share together.

Well, I have more tips, but I will stop there! I am not a salesperson for Joann's by the way, but I do live down the street from them!

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  1. amandasangels

    These are all awesome ideas, Martha. Thanks for sharing!
    Love & Blessings,
    (: Amanda :)

  2. gmisch

    Thanks Martha! I live just down the road from Joanne’s too, but haven’t bought much there since we moved here. I have only bought a couple of little things to fix the diaper bag that I slammed in the door of the car and broke. Oops! Maybe this sale was why it was so crazy when I went in there!

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