I have gotten all sorts of amazed comments when people realize I have had all 4 of my boys at home.

Most of the comments are “I could never do it without drugs!”

I realized why one Tuesday morning.

I have not been to a hospital birth since my sister Miriam's birth I think. It was alot different than this one as it was in the hospital, yes, but with midwives.

My friend Natasha had asked me to help her through labor as a coach so thankfully she went into labor on a night when I was not babysitting. She wanted to labor at home for awhile before she went to the hospital.

I was just a bit amazed at the sterile surroundings, the lack of concern of privacy, the lack of concern of comfort, but more for protocol.

I suddenly realized why I hear alot of women say “I could never do it without drugs!” I do not think I could have either, having to lay on the bed not moving for 30 min, out of every 45. I know hospitals are different than this one, but really I had my eyes opened! <p. I have thought about becoming a doula, but wonder if I can be assertive enough. I think I can if I have a birth plan that says exactly what the mother wants!

Anyhow, that is what I have been busy with! I think I am still catching up on sleep.

Oh, she had a healthy baby boy!

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  1. Anonymous

    I have had both of my babies at home and I loved it. I know what you mean when you hear people say that they could never do it with out drugs. I’ve never been to a hospital birth but I can’t imagin that it would be as relaxing as when you have it at home. I would add that I don’t think that it’s wrong to go a hospital, especially if the woman feels more comfortable there.

    Ruth S

  2. Cappuccinosmom

    Lol, Martha! I often wonder if most of the medical intervention and women finding birth frightening and overwhelming is more than a little connected.

    Both my boys were hospital births, but the second was totally without drugs, and I really bucked the system, with the support of my midwife. No induction, even though he ended up over 2 weeks late and nearly 10 lb. Despite the dire warnings of the backup doc, Gebre took all of 4 hours to push out, with no trouble whatsoever.

    The hospital births convinced me further that I want homebirths from now on, though. 😉

  3. gmisch

    Martha, I have had two hospital births, and both were totally different. The first was horrible. I didn’t have any pain meds, but they induced me (I didn’t know my body the first time) even though I know now that I wasn’t really in real labor. Overall, it was an awful experience, even having my water broken when I was barely dialated and having an episiotomy which I told them only if absolutely necessary. It makes me so angry now. He was 8lb 2oz.

    My second I knew myself a little better, so didn’t go into the hospital until I was 7cm dialated. They pooh pooh you because they don’t think you know what you are talking about, and when they finally checked to see if I *really* was in labor, they panicked a bit! HAHA! Anyway, that one was better, but they still insisted on an episiotomy, saying once you’ve had one, you always need one. Double Grrrr! Plus, they used the vacuum on his little head cause they said he was stuck. He was 8lb 10oz.

    After that, I went to the midwives and had my next one (8lb 11oz – my biggest yet!) with no help and no episiotomy! Didn’t even tear….My next two were also born at the birthing center with no complications, my last even being born in the water into daddy’s hands.

    I can’t imagine going back to the hospital, and probably would need to be on drugs just to get me in the door!!! HAHAHA!!

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