There is usually a selection of grocery stores to shop at unless you live in a really small town and even there sometimes there is 2 stores that compete.

There was a store I did not frequent very much as I found them to be expensive, until I discovered that they discount things like meat, dairy and many other items often.

I am not someone who quibbles over expiration dates, but even if you are, sometimes there is deals here for you!

This store today had cereal on sale 8 boxes for $8, I had coupons for $1 off 2 boxes so that was a big savings right there! I also had a coupon for green tea which was on sale and got a box of really good green tea for just a little over $1.

One of the nicest things I found for me was 2 boxes of Huggies Natural Care baby wipes for $4. Each box had 400 wipes in it! I usually buy these cheap baby wipes at Walmart and so for a bit cheaper than I spend there, I was able to get a much nicer baby wipe for what would equal out to .80 a regular package of 80 baby wipes. They were discounted because the cardboard boxes had gotten wet and so looked pretty bad, but the wipes were in sealed plastc packages inside.

I have gotten all kinds of things in the discount bin! I would check out which stores have them and not just have them, which ones mark things down to “get rid of things fast” prices. There are other stores that have them, but they do not mark them down low enough.

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  1. Anonymous

    Mom2fur here, from

    Wow, you got some great buys! I love the bargain bin! I also love the after-holiday sales when things get really cheap because the stores have to get rid of them. After Christmas, I bought some Hershey's Kisses for practically nothing. I separated the red from the green. The red ones went out for Valentine's Day, and the green ones are sitting on piano right now for St. Patrick's Day. There are bargains everywhere, aren't there?

  2. cappuccinosmom

    Those are good deals!

    I love having stores to choose from, because usually the hassle of visiting several different ones is worth it, especially if I stock up.

    I know this is horrible, but I cannot wait until Walmart arrives in our area soon, and I'm glad Save-A-Lot just opened up. Two more options for people like me who have to be frugal.

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