I made this really, really strong, salty, chicken broth with garlic and pepper in it and I think I am kicking the cold! One day without a voice was all I could handle! I was feeling very sorry for mute people! How frustrating!
Bobbi left yesterday. It was really hard on me as I don't know…I feel sometimes like I need a friend I could call on anytime. I know I still can and even if she was here she would be working, but still. I am still praying!
Mom came home from the hospital from back surgery. She is doing better now. She is having a hard time moving around, but I think is doing better all the time.
Maria and the girls were here this morning and last night. They headed up to Libby to finish clearing out her house and will be back for the weekend tonight!
I am still dealing with the aftermath of all the shock of the stuff that Fred's brother is doing, but I am so thankfult hat God can and will answer prayer. In all the awfullness( is that a word?) He has come through and given us strength to face this. I still feel like God will save him in all the terrible things he is doing. But I am praying! God can save Saul (Paul) then he can save Sergey.
Well, lunch time for hungry boys! I have an extra one here today, my brother Mark who is almost 8.

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