My sister and I have a bible study we go to on Friday  mornings, so this morning we went. We usually have  a lady who babysits at the church, but this morning she was not able to come so  we had my 4 boys, my sister’s son who is almost 3, and the other lady’s son who is also almost 3. <p> Our bible study topic  is on encouragement.  the study this morning was saying how we need other believers in our lives to encourage us and help us in our walks. Through bible verses we were reading it was explaining this, and was really interesting! The interesting part was all the toddler interruptions, mostly from the 3 three year olds and my 5 year old. "He hit me!", "Can I have a snack?", "____had an accident on the floor" and other various trying of our patience and helped us all to see why we need encouragement from others! <p> As the day went on, my sister and I had lunch together, we were trying to clean out her fridge as she was leaving on a trip trip, so we made breakfast for lunch. The toddlers only wanted oranges for lunch, which while it sounds healthy, they have sensitive skin and too much acid causes an issue.  After lunch, I just said I needed to take my potty training toddler the bathroom when he waddled up the stairs leaving a distinct odor trailing behind him…….. Plastic bags, paper towels, a scrub down in the tub, and a carpet cleaner later, the house was back to smelling better! It could have been much worse, at least it was only one big spot on the carpet, there have been times it has not been as contained! "Sigh" I hate this phase of in between potty training, where they usually make it, but the times they do not…..!!!!!<p>
Our lunch was tasty, waffles, homemade hashbrowns, oranges, apples, wheat toast with homemade jam, a bit of bacon, Scrambled eggs with lots of mushrooms and  a bit of cheese and we finished it off with a large cup of tea. The eggs with the mushrooms I made with mostly mushrooms and a bit of egg to hold it together and cooked it well and risked eating it. It was really good and my tummy was only slightly upset! <p> Dinner tonight is leftovers and some applesauce from my sisters fridge. I will probably make a salad with some leftover cooked chicken on it.  There is a pot of Borcht in the fridge i made yesterday too, so F. is happy! <p>
So, usual Friday afternoon….. I went to the post office this afternoon for my sister and I was so glad to see it was not busy! It  gets so hard this time of year and to mail a simple letter can be difficult if you have no stamps! It makes me thankful to just keep some on hand! <p>
I hope you all have a good weekend! I am so happy my husband has some time off this next week and half as he drives school bus and there is no school! Maybe we can get alot of school done ourselves…..maybe? We did finish P.’s reading book, so onto the next one!

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