I got interrupted, so had to post that before one of the boys erased it or something!

I was reading the most interesting book on the way home. It is called “Mommy Brain” by Katherine Ellison. It was really good! It is all about how motherhood makes you smarter. Motherhood actually causes your brain to develop new pathways and helps you later in life! It also talked about differences between a mother and father and how they react to a baby, by the way their brains react. They did all sorts of studies on rats and monkeys and the like anyhow, I think it was a great book (I haven't finished it yet!)

Anyhow, mom gave me a pan of leftover lasagna, so we had dinner with a salad and garlic bread. I made the garlic bread with fresh garlic so we probably all smell…but no one can tell because we all ate it! At mom's we made garlic bread with mostly coconut oil on it. It was really tasty, she made popcorn with it too. That was good too!

Well, better take care of some very hyper young men. I think we need some quality time spent together!

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  1. Anonymous

    i loved that book too!! isn’t it fascinating to see secular people realize God’s plan? lol the more children you have- the smarter you’ll be! bring “em on Lord!
    it’s tami from Godly homemaker again!

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