Everyone made it home!!! It takes some getting used to to get back in the groove of things! You know, everyone is excited, hyped up in all the candy that Papa brought from his family. (His family thinks sugar is an essential in life and life without sugar would not be okay!).

Plus, someone sweet shared a cold with me and the little boys as I was up all night with a sore throat, actually fell asleep this afternoon and all my muscles, lymph nodes hurt. I am downing GSE and Vitamin C, so cold……beware!!! You have met your match!!!

It is funny what children will do when they come home! My 13 year old and his brother came home and set to work cleaning their room….I am not sure if everyone has kids that do that… but somehow I managed to teach them that a clean room is nice! I am not sure if I am doing a great job of repeating that with the next two, but attempting it!

This evening we went out to the lake, and sat and had pizza and salad, while my BIL gave boat rides. It was cold, I had to take a pain pill to feel like I could move, but they all had fun (thankfully they were the ones who gave me the cold…so not worried about spreading it). The highlight of the evening was when my BIL’s iPhone fell in the lake and you could not see the bottom. The boys found a pair of shorts and goggles and my brother dove into the freezing lake to look. We gave it up as hopeless, when up he came with the phone in hand, the hero of the night!!!

So, I am off to bed, to nurse a cup of chamomile tea, and drink more Vit. C and GSE before bed!!!

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