I feel kind of silly doing one of these, but here goes! This was on  Cappucinosmom Blog
These are the rules of being tagged:
<p>RULES – Post rules before giving the facts – Players start with eight random facts/habits about themselves – People who are tagged need to write on their own blog about their eight things and post these rules – At the end of the your blog you need to tag (hopefully) six people and list their names – Leave them a comment on their blog, telling them they have been tagged and not to forget to read your blog.<p>

1.  I love to climb trees! I have not done it in a long time, but it is alot of fun to go up that high and look around! (Yes, in a dress)<p>
2. I  enjoy  watching old Star Trek  episodes……(Yikes, did I really admit that out loud!) It  has to do witha  childhood memory thing, I think!
3.  I am afraid of bees, car accidents and  sometimes I get scared going places alone!<p>

4. I was born in California, which around here is something you want to keep a secret! <p>

5. In my dreams I speak Russian sometimes and will try to say things  in real life around only the children, but am not usually brave enough to the use words I know really well even around my husband even other than a few.<p>

6. I am stricter than my husband and slightly overprotective….the last one not a surprise to those who know me, I guess!

7.  I still write real letters- snail mail ones.

8. When I was younger, rebellion consisted of listening to ‘bad" music (The West Side Story and the "rocky" Keith Green ones) and taping and listening to Adventures in Oddessy.  To this day,  I still enjoy listening to both,  the one I  feel slightly guilty about and the other I laugh at myself! I am an adult that enjoys children’s stories! 

I don’t know I have a ton of people to tag- but I tag

My Cousin – Beauty For Ashes
Joe’s Girl<p>
Montana RN<p>
My friend Diana

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  1. Anonymous

    That was fun Martha! Must be the reason God gave you boys is because you have an adventurous streak…climbing trees in a dress. I should do this on my blog. ~Diana

  2. drewsfamilytx

    I never got into the OLD Star Trek but I loved Star Trek The Next Generation. I know, I'm a nerd…but proud of it! 😉

    I also enjoy listening to Adventures in Odyssey. I had never heard them when I was younger, but I think they are fabulous stories.

    As to Russian, you should speak it more often! I took a couple of years of Russian when I was in college… and I could tell you very little now. It's sad but I really have no way of ever putting that into practice! Spanish, however… it's always useful here in Texas.

    I love random– it's fun! Thanks for sharing!


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