Where did  all my thoughts go to? It seems like I have been focusing on maintaining and putting one foot in front of the other lately. <p> The boys have had a cough and although most of them are not sick at all otherwise, H. cough sounds very deep and I am a little concerned about it.  I just feel like my brain is not functioning enough to think of the right remedies and I gave in and gave him cough syrup the one day.
Today we went to go practice for Homeschool track and field day, which I have never done before, so it should be interesting.  We got in some practice in between hard rain and small hailstones, but had a nice visit with some other ladies anyhow.  I do not know how good they will do, but oh well!<p>
I did get some reading done this weekend and read an excellent book that i am going to write a review of when I get my brain back……It was about a american young woman who survived in Siberia back after WW1, I think it was.<p>
I have grocery shopping to do, I made several loaves of pumpkin bread last week which was really nice for quick snacks. They like to eat it with peanut butter, but we are out of peanut butter, almost out of eggs, milk, and all other basics it seems.  <p>
Dinner tonight is Bean and cheese burritos with cucumbers for a vegetable! Our menu this last week has been really simple!

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  1. loefflermom

    I just took two of mine in to the doctor. Allergies – drainage down the back of the throat making them cough! I guess this is a bad allergy season due to our mild winter. So if the cough medicine doesn't work you might consider allergy stuff.

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