One of the days was my sister’s 27th birthday, so we were able to go out to lunch and celebrate with her.  We went to this wonderful place  that had the best sandwiches and wraps and salads! It was so good!

After that we went ice skating at the local outdoor rink! It was alot of fun! It was not too cold so we did not freeze to death too!
H. is very happy to have his good friend Bobbi here for the visit!

The next day we all got ready to head up to my parents for Thanksgiving and we get about 30-40 miles out and  the car dies. We determine it is probably the alternator and we are stuck on this scary curve with huge trucks whizzing by. There was a resort a bit back, so I ended up being very brave and going with an older couple back to make a phone call. I also discovered that if I put my phone in one place in the car a text message might go out! We are out in the middle of nowhere, so this was amazing!   the nice couple gave me a ride back to the children and my guests, and we sat waiting for help for  quite a few hours, trying to stay very cheerful, with two very joyful and slightly hyper after being penned in the car that long, children.  My one friend was feeling slightly ill as well with a slight fever, so it was not fun for her.

in spite of feeling ill, she managed a beautiful smile for me!
We finally were rescued by my BIL and ended up at my parents house 6 hours after we left! It was a long rough day! (And despite that picture’s appearances, T. was quite awake) We sang songs to keep them occupied, played games like "I am thinking of something" until we could think no more and I sent another text "Losing it, getting cold!!" It was funny as I have never sent a text in my life before!  I kept thinking of it like the "message in the bottle" of this time period as I did not know if it had gotten out or not!
<p> We had alot of people stop to ask if they could help, one man who stopped, I was certain looked  enough like our state rep. to be him! He was driving a nice car too and I was tempted to ask him, but of course I did not ask!

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